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Vestavind is inspired by an old picture I found of a kufta called Vestlandskufta. The Vestavind sweater gives different expressions with different color combinations and can be worn by both boys and girls. I hope you find a favorite.


VAT Included
  • Take care of

    The sweaters and jackets are made of 100% extra fine merino wool. The wool can be washed in a washing machine, on the wool programme, at a temperature of 30'C. It is important to use neutral detergents intended for wool, for example Milo. Spin lightly, but the garment should not be tumble dried. Dry the clothes flat.

    The clothes are very soft and comfortable so that children and adults like to wear them. Wool is an organic material directly from nature, real, solid and environmentally friendly. The unique thing about wool is that it is able to repel water and dirt. No other material breathes and insulates better than wool. Wool also has the property of being warm even when wet.