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Freedom on wheels

Rent an e-scooter from us and get around the local area!


Electric scooter

Rent a scooter from us and experience the saga islands. Great to cycle around Valderøya, Vigra and Giskeøya. To get to Godøya, we have to go through an underwater tunnel by car or bus. When you're through the tunnel, just park the car and speed away on the scooter. The scooters have a 3L handlebar bag and additional lock with alarm. Price NOK NOK 500 per day per bicycle. If renting for a longer period, the price can be agreed.

Powerful 1000 watt motor (max power)

IP56 waterproof rating

Light, practical and handy!

Up to 55km range



§ We remind you that the maximum legal speed for small electric vehicles is 20km/h and the age limit is 12 years. When selecting attribute: 20km/h (legal), E-wheels E2S V2 PRO will be legal.

Many possibilities

Valderøya has many pleasant walking opportunities organized by road. It gives you the opportunity to kick around the local area, take a trip down to the sea with fishing nets or buy an ice cream at the shop. You can also visit many of the island's sights, which are guaranteed to make the trip fun for both young and old.

You should wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter.
The maximum speed limit is 20 km/h.
You can rent electric scooters in Oslo. Other Norwegian cities will probably come later.
You can rent electric scooters until 10 pm in the evening.
The electric scooter can be used within limited areas in the city centre.


send request

If you want to rent a scooter from us, you cansend a request here.It costs NOK 500 per day and the scooter is picked up and delivered to our address.

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