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Acrylic on recycled canvas, 44x44 framed


Heinz Erbacher - West Coast Horizon III

VAT Included
  • The wide range of artworks by the artist Heinz Erbacher (born 1958 in Basel) testifies to the diversity, harmony and vitality of the different styles. Following his philosophy of not committing to one style and thus separating himself from most artists of our time, Heinz Erbacher allows experiments with styles, techniques, motifs and emotions. The result is decorative, abstract, modern and contemporary works, which are characterized by an incomparable harmony of colors and shapes.

    The exhibition and private paintings by the artist are mainly painted with acrylic on canvas, cardboard or paper, partly on recycled materials.

    Each work is unique and sold only to the enthusiast in the original. All works are signed and provided with the year of production. There are no prints, duplicates or lithographs. Works by the artist are owned by customers in Spain, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.