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Valderøya in Giske municipality is the perfect starting point for various activities. From traveling among fjords and mountains to enjoying lazy days in cobbled streets in the Jugendbyen Ålesund. On this page you will find a selection of activities that we can safely recommend. In addition, we arrange guided trips to various destinations. Check out more about this under the separate link.


 Ålesund city center has a fantastic selection of restaurants and eateries that often use local produce from their own town and region. In addition, you will also find well-known chains, fast food and high-quality street food.


Trip to Skjonghellaren

Take a step back in time as you enter this huge cave in the mountain on Valderøya. Skjonghellaren is one of the most famous slabs in Sunnmøre. The cave that goes into the mountain is 57 meters above sea level. It is made by erosion of the sea at previously higher water levels. At the entrance, the cave is approximately 38 meters high.


The culture trail

The cultural trail on Valderøya begins in Ytterlandsvika. Is a great and easy afternoon trip from the apartments. Along the way, you can make a detour to Hustruhavna, Trollkjelen, Daudmannshola, Skjonghellaren, Kløvnesteinane or the many burial mounds along the sea. You can also stop at the famous rock "Jens Åleine" or at Døsavatnet. Follow the sign towards Valdervoll where you can also park. Here you will also find an open toilet.


Blimsanden, Vigra

Blimsanden is an idyllic sandy beach located on Vigra. Great for families with children, young people and adults! Perfect for going on walks from here.


Molnes, Vigra

Molnes mountain 122 m. A lovely walk that starts from the car park by the football pitch. You walk around the back of the mountain, take the path up Molesfjellet and finish at the car park. Vibra
Molnes mountain is the highest point on Vigra. A trip of about 60 min.

Gallery Alnes Lighthouse.jpg

Alnes guy

Alnes lighthouse was established in 1852 to guide fishing boats safely to port in the small fishing village of Alnes on Godøy on the west coast of Norway. The current lighthouse was built in 1876 and is still in operation with a few modifications.Read more about Alnes lighthouse here.

Ålesund museum.jpg

Sunnmøre museum

Sunnmøre museum is a folk museum located in Borgundgavlen in Ålesund on Sunnmøre. It has an extensive collection of houses and boats, among other things. The museum was founded in 1931. Sunnmøre museum is an arena in Stiftinga Viti which has the main administrative responsibility for the museums that are part of this foundation


The signal

The signal on Valderøya. This trail is usually considered an easy route and takes an average of 56 min to complete. This is a popular trail for hiking and walking, but you can still experience peace and quiet at quieter times of the day.


Surfing 'Alnes.jpg


Kites, surfers and other speed-loving sea enthusiasts know how to take advantage of the good wind conditions out here by the ocean. Alnes is the most popular area for surfing.
If it is windsurfing and kiting that applies, the areas around the islands Giske and
Vigra the most visited.



A favorite trip! This round of Godøyfjellet is easy going and you will be rewarded with a panoramic view over Giske, Sula and Ålesund, among others! Parking at the tunnel at Alnes. An easy walk with a good path. 

Atlanterhavsparken-i-alesund kred_Roger EngvikAtlanterhavsparken(1).jpg

Atlantic Park

Atlanterhavsparken is an aquarium facility in Ålesund, and one of Northern Europe's largest saltwater aquariums. The aquarium is located on Tueneset by Skarbøvika, right out to sea in the district of Hessa, approx. three km from the center of Ålesund


Helicopter tours.jpg

Experience narrow fjords and spectacular peaks from the air. 62 Nord's helicopters design tours that take you to experience many of Norway's most beautiful natural experiences such as Briksdalsbreen, Hjørundfjorden, Geirangerfjorden and famous landmarks such as Jugendbyen Ålesund. As part of the trip, we can include stops for exotic food experiences.


The Art Nouveau center and KUBE

The Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE is a museum of art, architecture and design from the end of the 19th century until our own time. The art museum develops and manages a collection with a particular emphasis on Norwegian and Nordic art nouveau and art related to the region. 

Address; Akotekergata 16, Ålesund

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