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Alnes is a small fishing village furthest out to sea in Giske municipality. With its old wooden house cluster at the foot of the mountain and the majestic Alnes Lighthouse at the far end of the headland, a visit here creates an atmosphere that you will remember.

The sea around Alnes contains most of it. Here you will find rich deposits of cod, pollock, ling, ling, tusk, halibut and plaice, to name a few. Here you can also experience the mackerel sturgeon chasing the surface on calm and fine days. The rarer but very good food fish Sankt Peter's fish is also caught right by Alnes. For species anglers, this is an eldorado.

A visit to Alnes should therefore be seasoned with a visit to the sea around Alnes as well, which is why we chose to start with boat hire, so that you who visit Alnes have the opportunity to try what the sea around us has to offer.

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