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Local         crafts

All of our brands that are sold in the online store have local roots in or around Ålesund. On this page, we want to get to know some of the people behind the brands better. These are designers and artists with a passion for the craft and the place of origin.



Siri Stoknes

"We hope you and the children will love the garment and want to take care of it. That way, the garment can be used for a long time. A children's sweater can be passed down to younger siblings or to the next generation."

Textiles and wool

Siri has grown up as the third generation in the family business Stoknes Trikotasjefabrikk, which made the original Stil longsen. Siriknit AS is based in Ålesund, in premises where the original Stil Longsen was made. The mighty Sunnmørs nature around us has made her happy to use nature. She has been influenced by the beautiful colors and light that the seasons have to offer.


This has inspired her to develop the Siriknit collection based on the rich Norwegian knitting tradition. Her wish is that you and the children will love and enjoy this garment, and want to take care of it. The children's sweater or jacket can be inherited by little sister and brother or taken care of for the next generation. If you have a sweater or jacket in adult size and take good care of it, you can wear it for a long time. The clothes are colorful and she hopes you will find your favorite that suits you and yours and that it can also be nice to give as a gift. Wool is a wonderful material that can be used all year round for many occasions and keep you warm and nice. These garments are made from the finest merino wool, are soft to wear and easy to care for.

20230110_095924 kor.jpg

Anka Design jeweller

Ann Kristin Dahl

"The vision behind the jewelery is to create a small, unique work of art that can convey both the small and the big feelings."


Handmade - one by one - with the hands - all the way

Anka Design develops and produces jewelery and gift items based on precious metals and stones. 


Ann-Kristin comes from Ålesund and has lived in several places both at home and abroad.  It has influenced her artistic expression, where the starting point is the western, natural, real and a little rough, dragged by more urban and continental impulses.


The design is usually adapted to special wishes and needs, and all models are made in limited numbers, with the individual variations that true craftsmanship provides. 


Handmade - one by one - offers opportunities. Ideas materialize. It starts with metal which, before it takes its final form, must be annealed, rolled, stretched, bent, sawed, filed, soldered and polished. Hands and head must be involved all the way, even if it takes a long time. This is how authenticity is created.


We at Viking-saga islands have purchased a small selection of her jewelery which we offer to you who visit us. The selection will vary, and since no jewelery is exactly the same, we can only show you some examples here 


When you come, we look forward to showing you what we have right then and there. Welcome!


Heinz Erbacher

Diversity and harmony

The wide range of artworks by the artist Heinz Erbacher (born 1958 in Basel) testifies to the diversity, harmony and vitality of the different styles. Following his philosophy of not committing to one style and thus separating himself from most artists of our time, Heinz Erbacher allows experiments with styles, techniques, motifs and emotions. The result is decorative, abstract, modern and contemporary works, which are characterized by an incomparable harmony of colors and shapes.

The exhibition and private paintings by the artist are mainly painted with acrylic on canvas, cardboard or paper, partly on recycled materials.

Each work is unique and sold only to the enthusiast in the original. All works are signed and provided with the year of production. There are no prints, duplicates or lithographs. Works by the artist are owned by customers in Spain, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.

For Viking Saga Island, the artist has made available for sale motifs from his private collection of motifs related to the Nordic region.

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