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Trust is very important to us, and we are committed to following the rules for privacy at all times. In this declaration, we explain how we collect and process personal data in Viking Island AS.

We are obliged to process personal data in a good and responsible manner, and in accordance with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This privacy policy applies to you as an individual, when Viking Island AS, including associated services, is responsible for the processing of your personal data and when Viking Island AS determines the purpose of the processing of your personal data.

Personal information that is collected and processed on is contact information such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. In addition, we process information relating to you and your activities on our websites, such as purchases you make, contact you have with us via e-mail/telephone and any returns (complaints, exchanges, etc.)


We process your personal data mainly to send you products you have ordered. In addition, we process personal data when you contact us for advice, follow-up and questions. We will then process the information you give us, but we will only store the information we need to help you further. This means that all information that is not relevant for the purpose to be fulfilled will not be stored or processed in any way


When you place an order, you can establish a customer profile with us. We then process the information you provide, such as contact details and purchase history, which are necessary to be able to process your order and deliver the goods to you.


In the event of a complaint about goods, repair or redelivery, your contact details will be processed in order to be able to register the complaint and carry out repair or redelivery.


The above personal data is processed on the basis of GDPR article 6 (1) b), i.e. in order for us to be able to fulfill an agreement with the data subject (with you as a customer).


We also process information related to you in order to fulfill our legal obligations, according to GDPR article 6 (1) c), which we are obliged to fulfill according to accounting and purchasing legislation.

Card numbers are not stored by Vikingisland AS and all card transactions take place externally with authorized providers of payment services. These will then be responsible for processing, and must be contacted for their processing of personal data. This mainly applies to Vipps.

Disclosure of personal data


Viking Island AS does not sell, exchange or pass on personal data to third parties without your consent or if it is necessary for us to process your order and send the goods to you (legitimate interest).


Those who receive personal data from us to process your orders are Posten/Bring and Vipps. Only the recipient's name, address (possible place of delivery if this differs from the address), e-mail address and telephone number are provided in this connection. Posten/Bring acts independently as data controller and processes your personal data in a correct manner in relation to the privacy regulations.

Overview of service partners who process personal data to process orders from you as a customer

Bring (Posten) — Transporter of parcels and goods.Read Posten's privacy statement here

Vipps — Payment service.Read Vipp's privacy statement here - online store solution and website operator.Read Wix's privacy policy here

Storage and deletion of personal data


Personal information that we have received from you or in other ways will only be kept for as long as we need to keep the information. The information is then securely deleted.


Storage of personal data related to order history is stored to fulfill our obligations to store accounting documentation (normally 5 years).


As long as you have an ongoing customer relationship with us, we will keep your contact details. If you no longer wish to be a customer of Viking Island, you can ask us to delete your account and your information per e-mail or telephone.

More information about your rights can be found atThe Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

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