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Ålesund CITY: 2-hour sightseeing

Create your own dream trip in Ålesund that you can adapt to your wishes and needs. Discover the city's famous Art Nouveau architecture, surrounded by mountains and beautiful fjords. The tour includes a visit to the Jugendmuseet.


Explore the city at your own pace and choose which sights interest you the most, together with our profetional guide. You can choose to go for a walk around "little Venice" and learn about the poverty that once characterized the city, and how the city has transformed into a prosperous and modern city.

Then head towards Mount Aksla to admire panoramic views of Ålesund and the surrounding area. See the colorful houses, the Sunnmør Alps and the multitude of picturesque islands.


Finally, you will visit houses that have survived fire and learn how these wooden houses managed to survive.

Image by Arijit Basu
Image by James Obernesser



  • Go up to Mount Aksla for a panoramic view of Ålesund

  • Visit to the Jugendmuseet

  • Walk through Jugendbyen with an explanation of the Art Nouveau building style

  • Price: NOK 995

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