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Ytterland Apartments

Ytterland Apartments is a company that rents out three apartments on Valderøya right next to Ålesund. The apartments are suitable for both tourists and people who will remain for a while. The location of the apartments is very central. By car just some minutes away the center of Ålesund. The sea is right next to the apartments, one of the apartments even have sea views with fireplace.

Ytterland Apartments is located right in between Ålesund Airport Vigra and Ålesund. From Ålesund you drive through two subsea tunnels towards the airport (signposted from the entrance). When you come out off the last tunnel take the first road to the left. Then turn right at the next roundabout towards "Valder Voll Sports facility" before you get to the bridge over to Giske. After the exit, drive 30 meters and turn left towards Ytterlandsvika. Ytterland Apartments is located on top of the hill, with parking outside.

There are many activities in the local area of Valderøy. You will find links to useful pages down in the corner of the website. For example; You can take a day shopping in Ålesund city, or you can go on a wonderful hike in Sunnmørsalpene.